5 Steps to Having Perfect Skin, Everyday!


Have perfect skin, everyday!

Your skin is one of the most essential parts of your body. I mean it is literally your home for the rest of your life and taking care of it should be treated as such.

Your skin is one of the most essential parts of your body. I mean it is literally your home for the rest of your life and taking care of it should be treated as such.  With the testosterone naturally produced by men, along with other stresses such as shaving; taking care of your skin should be a main focus in your daily grooming routine.  The thing with skin is, while topical care is important, perfect skin starts from within and takes time.  I have put together a list of my skin routine, which ensures I look like Ken from the moment I wake up. 


1.)  Exfoliate:       

 Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate!  Contrary to popular belief, exfoliation should be done more than it is not. Your skin is constantly shedding and removing the dead skin is essential to the vibrancy and the texture of your skin. 

 My go to exfoliator is the St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub.  It’s a thick, creamy consistency that’s not too abrasive for daily of regular use. I have a history of being allergic to even  “ For Sensitive Skin” products and this works amazingly. The other good thing with this is that you only need a little and the price is extremely reasonable.  

 Lather the cream with warm water in your hands until it creates somewhat of a foam and then gently scrub your face is a circular motion, neck included, until you’ve exfoliated all parts.  Using cold-water, rinse the scrub off.  Using the warm water during the scrub is to open your pores to clean them of any oils or buildup; switching to the cold water closes them so that they are not reclogged when applying moisturizer etc.  after the exfoliation. 


2.)  Tone:

 Not using toner may be the sole thing standing in your way from clear skin.  With all the elements you encounter on a daily basis, only washing your face is not enough. Now I will say, if you typically have dry skin adding a toner may be pointless and cause more harm than good; so just as anything new regimen – do it gradually to make sure it works for you. 

 But back to the good stuff! After exfoliating or washing your face your pores are left open and the pH balance of your skin is often off and a good toner will correct these changes.   Toners are great because they reduce the amount of sebum (oil) that your skin produce and men can produce A LOT!  Toner keeps oil levels in check allowing moisturizers and serums to absorb better. 

 Thayer’s Rose-Petal Witch Hazel is for sure at the top of my list for favorites. The substance is alcohol free, which helps against irritation, in combination with the rose petal that helps with complexion and the texture of the skin.  There are a few ways you can apply toner; but my favorite is to pour it in my hand and rub it on my face in a circular motion and let it air dry.  


 3.)  Vitamin C Serum;  

 What is full of anti-aging benefits protects your skin from sun damage and also is loaded with antioxidants that will help repair, restore and replenish your skin? [Drumroll] Vitamin C!  I am sure you are aware of the health advantages of taking vitamin C in capsule form, but the topical benefits of using it in a serum are amazing for your skin! You are sure to question why you never used it before. 

 I actually learned about this by watching an episode of Wendy Williams’ after show on YouTube.  Anyone who is true skin enthusiast knows Wendy is truly as skin goddess.  But anyway, this led me to do some more research and learned more about the benefits of adding vitamin c to your routine. 

 My favorite is the PURA D’OR 20% vitamin c.  Now I will say 20% is pretty high, especially if you have sensitive skin, but if so, find one with a lower vitamin c percent and you should be fine. I’ve included this in my routine for about 2 years now and I must say this is truly the nectar from the fountain of youth.  Literally, in just a week of using it, I noticed the reduction of fine lines, my skin tone evened and the overall texture and suppleness of my skin improved. 




4.)  Moisturize:

 There is nothing more unappealing than dry, chapped and dull skin.   With the copious amounts of elements the skin endures that can dry out the skin, it is essential to put some of that moisture back. 

 We all know to moisturize, but what to moisturize with can be a doozy. The pH balances of your face are different compared to the rest of your body, so using the same moisturize for both could actually cause damage.   For faces, I recommend a moisturizer that is more water based than oil.   Since the pores on your face tend to absorb oil easier, it’s important to get a moisturizer that is right for your skin type. 

 I like to go the more natural route for my facial moisturizer, so my go to is the Shea Moisture’s 100% Pure Argan Oil.  Argan oil is not too light and not to heavy so it works well for most skin types.   Naturally loaded with vitamin E, and Omega & linoleic acids, argan oil lightly moisturizes your skin and can even reduce acne. 


5.)  Sunscreen:

 The sun is so good that is it is bad… for your skin that is.  With all the years of damage to the ozone layer, UV rays produced from the sun can wreck havoc on your skin causing myriads of dermatitis issues even down to cancer.   Dark spots, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and elastics, which causes sagging of the skin are all due to those vicious rays put out by the sun. 

 One way I defend myself from the sun is by using sunscreen.   I always say it is pointless to do any thing else to your skin if you don’t use sunscreen; you practically will be working in reverse.  Even behind clouds, you need to protect yourself from the UV rays from the sun.  

You can get sunscreen either in a spray form or can, ranging in SPF from about 8 to 100. The rule I always tell people, the darker the skin the less the SPF, so the lighter you are then you would use a higher SPF.   I prefer using the spray application as I feel it is easier for coverage and won’t clog your pores as much.  I’ve been using the Neutrogena Beach Defense Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Body Spray for years and it has yet to fail me. The spray goes on really light and absorb really well.  The smell does get some getting used to, but the benefits are worth it.  

I get it, taking care of your skin can get overwhelming and in such a fast paced world, that surely can fall to the bottom of the to-do list. To be the part, you must look the part and it all starts at the pallet, your skin.   By simply incorporating these steps to your daily agenda, you’ll be known as “the guy with good skin” before you know it.  


Be Kind. 

SkincareDorion Nowell