Ken is in the details….

When it comes to male grooming, there’s always more to it than what meets the eye… or is it?  In a world where personal grooming is no longer just for women; you find more men are taking steps beyond just soap and water when getting ready to face the world, no pun intended - ha !!

I get it, every second you see a commercial or ad with the latest thing or trend for grooming, and it can all become intimidating. Male grooming tips that actually work are hard to come by - but Kens’ got your back, because Ken is in the details.

Those fine details, that we as guys sometimes forget. Did you lotion your entire body, including your ankles? How do you smell? Did you check for any nose friends? Are your ears clean? It’s all in the details - and that is was separates Ken from everyone else. By now, you know the basics, but Ken isn’t basic, Ken is the standard.

Having a clean hair cut can instantly enhance your look, but most importantly your self-confidence!

Having a clean hair cut can instantly enhance your look, but most importantly your self-confidence!

You Should Never Look Like You “Need A Hair Cut”… 

There is nothing worse than getting ready for the day and your hair not being cut. Having a fresh haircut can instantly enhance your look, but most importantly your self-confidence! How often should you get a haircut? Well, it all depends on how fast your hair grows. Let’s just go by the rule, you should never look like you’re in need of a hair cut.

Studies have proven that getting a haircut actually makes you more attractive, well, based on a personal study, lol.  But in all honesty, getting a good haircut that is right for your face will highlight your features, thus enhancing your look. 

The ETM Routine …

Contrary to what may be popular belief, your skin is possibly the most essential part of your body. Men’s skin is much thicker and produces more sebum than women, which makes it produce more oil, so taking extra care of it is even more necessary.

To make sure I am ready, no matter what – I follow the ETM routine every night; Exfoliate, Tone and Moisturize. Certainly there are in-betweens that will assist with great skin; Following the ETM routine will cover the basics.

Having Clean Nails… Can Set You Apart From The Rest… 

Having clean nails, although it seems to be something so little, can really set you apart from the rest. Thanks to my mom’s constant griping over having dirt under my nails as a child, this has become second nature to me. 

Imagine all the door handles you turn, the hands you shake and the germs you touch on a daily basis – why not take a few moments on your hands? I love a pedicure and manicure from the local salon, but a simple nail clipper with a pick and an emery board will do the trick. Don’t forget to moisturize your cuticles! 


Get A Quality Sunscreen… 

The sun, although so important; it is so bad for your skin. Those vicious UV rays produced by the sun can wreak havoc on your skin, causing dark spots, wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles.  But they don’t have to! Get a quality sunscreen. The rule is the lighter the skin the higher the SPF, but I personally always say you can never have too much protection.  

It’s all about details. Everyone knows the basics, but what makes Ken stand out are the details. Paying attention to the things that are typically overlooked is key to being Ken. 

Be Kind.